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Las Vegas Vitrual Property Tours team brings years of event and commercial photography experience from working on the Strip and major venues throughout Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Green Valley and Henderson to the Southern Nevada Real Estate market. We understand the importance of correct lighting, the right angles for the best shot, use of proper lenses and the utilizing the most suited photo and video equipment.

We wanted to bring a realistic approach to the Las Vegas Valley Real Estate Photography market with multiple levels of house and venue photography. Often when seeing houses online and then in person, one can feel mislead, as the photos used on the websites were created using a wide-angle camera lens. For those that don’t know, this makes objects at the edge of the frame appear much wider than they really are. Even though the photos are nicely edited in Photoshop, when one goes to view a house, the space looks more cramped in person. In real estate, and in most things, the strong points should stand out naturally. By using the Matterport option, viewers will be able to look in any direction from within the property with a 360 view. This type of 3D virtual tour lets them really get a feel for the space of the property that they’re interested in buying.

In addition to amazing photos and 3D virtual tours for homes or venues, we also offer video options. Our team has experience in drone photography and video along with lifestyle video shoots to really show off a property and it’s desirable assets.

Bending the Truth with Real Estate Photography

We believe some real estate marketing bends the truth a little when it comes to the pictures they use. The images certainly look great with all the filters applied and angles used, but Photoshop doesn’t change the reality when you view it in person! The use of 3D models shows the home it its true light, allowing the viewer to get a real feel for the property when embarking on a 3D virtual tour. Get started with a 3D Virtual House Tour today!

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