Las Vegas Real Estate Photography

We have been shooting event photography in the greater Las Vegas area for many years now. Our expertise comes from the event industry which allowed us to travel nationwide while providing high quality photography and cinematography services. It’s always a great experience for us use a traditional DSLR camera and professional lighting. Our team has completed shoots in thousands of homes, including everything from single bed condos to luxurious mansions. For us, no property is too small or too large. We’re always trying to improve our skills and streamline our photography process. We aim to achieve excellent results, regardless of whether we’re shooting for real estate agents in Las Vegas, Summerlin, or Henderson.

Las Vegas Real Estate Photography

Las Vegas Photography for MLS

In the world of real estate sales, time is of the utmost importance, so we include a 2-day turnaround time as standard with all of our photography shoots. This means that your shoot will be processed and uploaded to your single-page website, with your account fully setup before the end of the following business day. We want to ensure that you look good for your clients, so we make it our mission to provide excellent quality photography that meets or even exceeds your expectations. Your client’s home will get the right response emotionally from potential buyers up and down the country. We can provide you with both high-resolution print quality downloads, as well as low-resolution photos for easy MLS loadings.

The number of photos we provide depends on the overall size of the property we’re shooting. It’s recommended that both pets and homeowners are not present for our shoots. Please also ensure the home is as clean and tidy as possible, which includes clearing out all bathroom vanities and making sure that all lightbulbs are in full working order. These photos can be used on various sites and platforms for selling a house in Southern Nevada like MLS and Zillow.

Las Vegas Architectural and Interiors Photography

There’s usually a lot more involved with architectural photography than with MLS photography. It can take just a few minutes to setup a traditional MLS photo, whereas it can take up to 2 hours for a single architectural photo. Las Vegas 360 Tours offers architectural photography; however, quotes are given on a case-by-case basis. Architectural photography typically consists of multiple flashes, fewer but more polished shots, and quite a bit of extra time for post-processing.

Las Vegas Architectural Photography

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